We are pleased to announce that there have been some adjustments to the current COVID protocols.


Mass parts (but not the responsorial psalm) may be sung by the congregation. The congregation should, of course, continue to wear their masks during this singing. This is a first small step in a return to congregational singing; more will follow at a later date. Hooray!


We can use a simplified form of social distancing in church seating: Use only every other pew, and ask people who are not in the same household to spread out to approximately double arm’s length between themselves and the person next to them in the pew. In many cases this will add considerable capacity to the church seating. Some notes on what is above:

  • The most important thing is to use common sense. Please do not treat these relaxations of the protocols as more than they are. This is a step toward a restoration of what will eventually be allowed, but it is only a step.

  • We will continue to live-stream. This is a tremendous resource for our parish.

  • We need to continue to wear masks, over the mouth and the nose, to maintain appropriate social distance, and to ventilate the churches to the greatest degree possible.  

WEEKLY MASS RESERVATION LINK – https://www.signupgenius.com/go/9040a4aa4a728a7fe3-mass



Welcome back to Sunday and Daily Liturgy at St. Ann and St. Brendan Parishes


Mass Schedule:

Saturday, at 4pm Mass at St. Brendan

Sundays at St. Brendan at 9:00

Sundays at St. Ann at 10:30

[Starting slowly, we cut the 7:30AM SA Mass and will adjust the schedule as necessary as we move forward. There is a lot of details from the State and Archdiocese that need to be fulfilled. Thanks for understanding.]

- We are happy to welcome you back to liturgy. Following the directives for social distancing, we will be able to accommodate about 85 people at St. Ann; 85 people at St. Brendan. [?—about the same because St. Ann can fill every other pew, but St. Brendan must fill in every THIRD pew and only one person on the side pews. 6’ regulation is strict.]



 DO NOT COME if you are sick in any way. Fever, cold, cough, etc.


MAKING RESERVATIONS – https://www.signupgenius.com/go/9040a4aa4a728a7fe3-mass

REGISTRATION CHANGE- We are increasing the number of registrations to 85 because households sitting together actually leave extra spaces.  For that reason, when you register, think in terms of household, not each person coming.

(1) a single person reserves ONE space
(2) a couple in a household reserves TWO spaces
(3) a household of three or four persons reserves TWO spaces
(4) a household of five or more persons reserves THREE spaces (the whole pew.)

PLEASE DO NOT RESERVE BY PERSONS BUT BY NUMBER IN A HOUSEHOLD. That will open more spaces as more come to church. Thanks.

Those without computers - call the office 617-436-0310 and make a reservation – You will need to give your name, email and phone (necessary for possible tracing/tracking of those at the Mass)

SPECIAL RESERVATION CALL IN – Friday, 8am-10am – Call Office above. Amy on call. 

If you are in the vulnerable population, or if you know someone, please encourage them NOT to feel obligated to attend mass. (Cardinal Sean has dispensed the Sunday obligation). They should take care of themselves first. If you are in a vulnerable status, please consider remaining home for a while, watching Catholic TV, etc. We care about your health!

If you have been exposed or have been in close contact with someone who has been exposed

You may return to mass after a period of isolation

  • At least 14 days after the positive COVID-19 test date and

  • At least 24 hours with no fever without fever-reducing medication and

  • Other symptoms of COVID-19 are improving

**Loss of taste and smell may persist for weeks or months after recovery and need not delay the end of isolation​

If you had severe illness from COVID-19 (you were admitted to a hospital and needed oxygen), your healthcare provider may recommend that you stay in isolation for longer after your symptoms first appeared (possibly up to 20 days) and you may need to finish your period of isolation at home.

TIMING IS EVERYTHING.  We know we are expecting a lot... but please get to church at least 10 minutes before Mass begins.  We have to check you in, etc. and coming as Mass begins backs up people (distancing!) and distrupts Mass as people are finding their seats​



St. Ann: Please enter by the side handicap entrance; You will exit from the center front door. 

(Those who need to use the side entrance, can also exit from the side entrance.)

St. Brendan: Please enter by the front center door; You will exit by the two side doors.

Greeters will direct you to a pew. The pews will be filled from the front to the back (to minimize cleaning). [NOTE: ONLY THE BATHROOM by the kitchen will be available.]

NOTE: Families of the same household may sit together,

Single seat: Please sit on the marked seats in each pew.


MASKS ARE MANDATORY. Please bring a mask. No Mask; No Entry. Sorry

All persons 5 or above must wear a mask for the Mass.


HAND SANITIZER. Please use upon entering Church (If you can bring your own small bottle, that would be great) but we will have some available. NO GLOVES SHOULD BE WORN IN CHURCH.


BRING THE READINGS. All printed material has been removed, including missalettes, etc.

You may want to bring the readings, on your iPad, tablet, or phone set to the readings of the day. 


- Holy water fonts are empty

- No missalettes available


- No hand-holding during Our Father

- No Sign of peace will be given

- PARENTS – Please keep your children in the pew for the liturgy. No moving around.

OFFERTORY – No collection at Offertory. We ask that you drop your donation in the basket upon entering the church, not leaving! Thank you for your generous donation. We are in great need and your sacrifice is very appreciated.

COMMUNION - We will be following a procedure at communion that will be safe for all. 

We will explain it before the Mass. We are distributing by right and left sections so there is a one-way flow.

All must leave pew so no passing over a person returning from communion., Please keep the 6’ distance as you come up the aisle.   THERE WILL BE NO COMMUNION ON THE TONGUE.  Communion will be placed in your hands.  To receive the host, move to the side before taking down your mask and receiving, and then mask back on and return to seat. 

EXITING. At the end of Mass, please be patient in allowing people to file out of church. You will not be able to remain in the church because the cleaning of all pews must take place. 

REMINDER...NO CONGREGATING OUTSIDE.  Please do not congregate outside after Mass. The optics of a bunch of people milling about - not distancing well - is not good.  

***There is a great video showing how to attend mass under these conditions at the website: BostonCatholic.org.   The webpage will direct you to the video.



Fr. Brian and Fr. Bob

St Ann/ St Brendan Collaborative