St. Martin de Porres Parish


New COVID Guidelines for MASS

1. Masks will not be required for those who are fully vaccinated; the CDC and State advise those who are not vaccinated to continue wearing a mask.  Anyone is welcome to wear a mask if they feel more comfortable doing so

2. Seating will return to pre-pandemic. However, there will continue to be a section socially distant for those who choose to do so

3. There is no registration or temperature taking and we will not inquire about vaccination status

4. Congregational singing and choir singing are permitted

5. Altar servers can return and they can wear a mask on the altar

6.The collection and offertory procession of gifts will resume

7. The Sign of Peace will return, but people should remain respectful of those not wishing to shake hands

8. Two stations for Communion. Eucharistic Ministers should sanitize hands. There will be no Communion by cup.


Also, please note that we will begin to reinstate Communion calls, coffee and donuts and the use of the Parish hall for events. 


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Saint Brendan School

is a neighborhood parish school that educates and nurtures students in a safe environment rich in Catholic identity and tradition. Our Saint Brendan School community is dedicated to developing the gifts in each child. With a rigorous academic program, we seek to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence our students need to become independent thinkers, effective communicators and strong practicing Catholics living in service to Jesus Christ.


Mass Schedule:

Saturday Vigil, at St. Brendan at 4pm

Sunday at St. Brendan at 9:00

Sunday at St. Ann at 10:30


Monday and Tuesday : 9am at St Brendan

Thursday and Friday: 9am at St. Ann

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